You can beat your Virginia reckless driving charge. It’s possible to fight the charge and get it reduced to speeding, or dismissed altogether, depending on the facts and circumstances of your cases.

Defenses to Virginia Reckless Driving

Common defenses to reckless driving in Virginia might include:

  • Inaccurate police radar gun
  • Inaccurate laser reading
  • Illegal stop
  • Mistaken identification
  • Lack of jurisdiction
  • Emergency
  • Speedometer calibration

Plus, you might be able to get Beat Your Reckless Driving Charge in a Virginia court and get it reduced to a traffic ticket, such as simple speeding, if you have a good driving record, signed up for drivers’ improvement, or have some other factors that justify reducing the charge.

Get Your Reckless Driving Charge Reduced

If you need help beating your reckless driving charge in Virginia, you do not have to go it alone. Contact a Virginia reckless driving lawyer for more information.