When you were pulled over for reckless driving in Virginia, you probably received a summons that looks like this:

Virginia Summons Reckless Driving

On the top left section is when and where you have to appear in court:

Virginia Reckless Driving Court Date and Time

Since you visited this website for a reckless driving lawyer in Virginia, you probably are instructed to appear in District Court. Your court date is probably in a few weeks or months.

Quick sidebar: Many people call and ask, “Do I have to appear in court for a Virginia reckless driving charge?” The answer is it depends. Sometimes, the court will make you appear for the charge, since reckless driving is a Class 1 Misdemeanor and carries the possibility of jail time. Yes, if you can believe it, merely driving faster than 80 mph in the Commonwealth of Virginia might result in jail time. Other times, a reckless driving lawyer can contact the prosecutor in advance, and see if they will waive your court appearance. That way, you do not have to come to court. This is especially helpful if you live out of state.

Next, the middle left section shows what you have been charged with:

Virginia Summons Where It Shows What I Am Charged With

There are two lines: one for “Law Section,” which is the Virginia Code Section for your charge, and the second for “Describe Charge,” where it names your charge. This is where you find out what you have been charged with, a speeding ticket or reckless driving.

If you have been charged with reckless driving, then you probably want to contact a Virginia reckless driving lawyer right away. Again, as most people don’t know, reckless driving is a crime in Virginia. It can show up as a misdemeanor on your record in a background check at work. A conviction may increase your insurance rates. You want to speak with a lawyer who can help turn this honest mistake into a reduced or dismissed charge, if possible, and help avoid having to appear in court. Be sure to contact a lawyer for more information.

Still wondering, “Is my ticket in Virginia, for speeding or reckless driving?” Contact a reckless driving lawyer who can review your summons and let you know what you need to do.