Speedometer Calibration Roanoke Virginia – Reckless Driving Traffic Case

If you have been charged with reckless driving, one option is to have your vehicle’s speedometer calibrated by a local mechanic in Roanoke, Virginia. Options include:

1. Woods Auto

418 E Washington St

Vinton, VA


2. Southwest Calibration

1124 Camper St

Pulaski , VA , 24301


After you have your speedometer calibrated, the mechanic will issue a “calibration certificate,” documenting the true speed (radar) of your vehicle, versus the display speed (speedometer).

If the speedometer is out of calibration, i.e. the speedometer displays 78 mph when the officer’s radar speed is 82 mph, a Roanoke court will generally give you the benefit of the doubt, and reduce the ticket to 78 mph.

How it helps: If your speedometer shows you going at a slower speed, it makes you less culpable in the eyes of the court and provides a basis to get the charge reduced.